Individual Basemetal Pack

Individual Basemetal Pack

Individual Basemetal Pack Is The Best Plan For Those Traders Who Is Trading In Base Metals With Multilple Lots. An Accurate Plan For Those Traders Who Want Less Time Consuming Calls.

Venus Commodity Provide Ultimate Trades In Base Metals By Analysing Market On High Tech Robotics Strategy. The Trades Are Less Risky & Sureshot as they are based on highly creative research. We Prefer quality guidance proper entry & Exit Levels, Recovery of loss with safety at priority, Utilization of profit.

In This Package, Tips Are Based On Technical & Fundamental Trends  By Our Creative Research team.

Venus Commodity Provides Support & Resistance Level Daily For Base Metals & News Forecast Of Global Market.

Individual Base Metal Tips, MCX Copper Tips

Package Pricing

  • Monthly

    ₹ 7500

  • Quaterly

    ₹ 22500

  • Half Year

    ₹ 67500

Package Features

  • Minimum Margin Required Upto Rs 50,000-70,000.
  • Secure Intraday 1.5-2 Points In Zinc/Lead/ Aluminium, Copper 3-5 points, Nickel 5-10 points (as per market)
  • Intraday Profit Rs 5000-15000 per lot
  • All calls based on Robo SoftwareTrends.
  • Calls Execution Will Be Live Market & Intraday.
  • 24/7 Instant Sevice Support Via SMS, Whatsapp & Calling.

Sample Calls

Buy/Sell Zinc At  ____
Mark Target: _____
Strict Stoploss: _____
Trade Shot For _ lots!
For Follow-Ups:: 7906054932

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